Manual Therapy

STAR Physical Therapy provides a “hands-on” approach to physical therapy to provide you with the best and fastest outcome possible. Our clinicians are equipped with a variety of manual techniques; this is because we realize that not all injuries respond to one form of treatment.

Serving you with world-class physical therapy is our mission. Achievement of that mission is only possible by our clinicians providing industry-leading, hands-on therapy services while we care for you. Manual Therapy provides hands-on treatment including joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilization, and various connective tissue techniques to get you better fast.

Because each patient is unique, our clinicians are educated to serve you with a variety of evidence-based manual techniques through our industry-leading Education Program. While other providers choose to manually “certify” their employees themselves, STAR goes to great lengths to bring presenters directly from the world’s most reputable manual therapy institutes here to Tennessee to provide unmatched education and certification. It is a significant investment that we make to ensure that our patients receive true world-class care! Unlike other providers who focus on a single treatment technique as a “cookie-cutter” philosophy for all patients, the variety of education that STAR clinicians receive allows us to provide the right techniques to help you get better fast. We feature clinicians who have been trained and certified in the McKenzie Method, Maitland, Mulligan Concept, and Ola Grimsby therapy techniques.

By utilizing evidence-based practices, you should know that STAR cares for you in a manner consistent with the latest research findings in the advancement of Physical Therapy. The STAR Care Model utilizes proper manual therapy techniques combined with the exercise AND patient education that differentiates us from other providers. Not only will we get you better, but we will get you better fast and teach you how to better care for yourself so you can avoid becoming dependent on regular and prolonged visits to a physical therapist. When you put your health in our hands, you will recover quickly and get back to the healthy lifestyle you want. Remember – you have a choice when it comes to physical therapy. Choose STAR Physical Therapy!

Manual Therapy available at the following locations: