Clinic Director Program

STAR has provided me with the opportunity to grow as both a clinician & a leader… Lisa Swartz, PT

STAR develops clinics in conjunction with strong clinicians who have established relationships with physicians and others in their community and want to own their own practice while maintaining balance in their life by having a partner. The STAR business model provides the autonomy and financial upside of private practice without the hassle and risk.

Therapists rarely have the opportunity to create the type of clinic in which they want to practice – built around their skills and personality- without taking a huge financial risk. STAR shoulders the burden of the financial risk. Having a strong, established partner like STAR eliminates the fear of the unknown and provides the business knowledge that
many therapists lack.

Dallas Roberts – Mt. Juliet South

The greatest benefit of a STAR partnership is that you have unlimited financial upside through profit sharing – the more success you have, the more reward you get!  Read what our Clinic Directors are saying.

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To get started, call (800) 580-6285 or complete our Clinic Director Program Inquiry Form (all inquiries are strictly CONFIDENTIAL).  We look forward to talking with you about the benefits of joining STAR & how you can take control of your financial future!