Industrial Rehabilitation

STAR Physical Therapy recognizes the special rehabilitation needs of the injured worker. Our focus is on the functional capacity to return the patient to work at the highest level of function. STAR cares for injured workers with Physical Therapy at all Clinics.

Injured workers are served with hands-on, individualized Physical Therapy care that allows our clinicians to customize a rehabilitation program specific to the demands of each worker’s job requirements. This ensures a safe return to work for each individual. As part of the Worker’s Compensation team, STAR clinicians also take great care to communicate Physical Therapy progress promptly with Case Managers, Adjusters, Employers, and Physicians. Many STAR clinics are also able to provide comprehensive Functional Capacity Evaluations and Work Conditioning programs.

STAR doesn’t just treat injured workers. We also partner with employers to prevent injury/illness and to evaluate return-to-work potential. On-site programs are available to improve the employee’s awareness of hazardous working postures, symptom control, and injury prevention. We provide an assessment of the critical job demands to determine the worker’s ability and time frame to return to work, provide possible interventions to provide safer approaches to the job, set baseline criteria for employee evaluations, and identify reasonable accommodations the employer may consider for the employee to return to full-time work.

Industrial Rehabilitation available at the following locations: