Pain Neuroscience Education

How to effectively treat pain without the use of opioids is one of the biggest challenges in society today.  The guidance of a properly trained clinician in a physical therapy clinic has proven effective in helping many patients conquer their pain.

Has anyone ever explained to you why you hurt? 

At STAR Physical Therapy, many of our licensed Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, and Athletic Trainers have received comprehensive pain education from the world-renowned Adriaan Louw, PT, PHD, CSMT, TPS, of the International Spine & Pain Institute.  Through this incredible education, our trained clinicians are equipped to understand why people experience pain and how we can help reduce or eliminate their pain.  MORE IMPORTANTLY, we are able to explain to you, our patients:

  • Why you are experiencing pain
  • How long will it take to get better
  • What you can do to help yourself
  • What we can do to help you
  • That you are going to be OK

When you truly understand your pain, you will be less fearful, allowing you to move better, and you will perform better with rehabilitation leading to effective treatment of your pain.

Pain is complex, but our knowledge of how pain works is light years ahead of  where it was previously.

If you are experiencing pain, please contact one of our locations that have Pain Neuroscience Education trained clinicians.  We will help you understand your pain and effectively and safely treat your pain.

Pain Neuroscience Education available at the following locations: