Golf Program

Physical Therapy for golfWe analyze key variables that affect the golf swing. This analysis includes a detailed past medical history, hands-on testing of posture, flexibility, balance, strength, body awareness, and dynamic neuromuscular control. Examination findings are integrated with the client’s goals to formulate an individualized golf enhancement program. We also spend significant time improving your fitness level to promote a healthy lifestyle.

STAR Physical Therapy will assess each golfer’s flexibility, strength, joint mobility, balance, and neuromuscular control. Manual treatments and exercise will be performed specific to your physical needs.

Our golf rehabilitation therapists have extensive experience in golf-related injuries and golf enhancement. We focus on biomechanics to correct movement dysfunction and prevent it from reoccurring. Our focus is on biomechanical evaluation and treatment of the golf swing. We focus on total body conditioning and prepare the golfer for a long healthy golf career through improved flexibility, increased endurance and strengthening of the Rotator Cuff, legs, hips, trunk, core, forearms, upper arms and wrists.

Golf Program available at the following locations: