Continuing Education

Kevin Wilk - Continuing EducationSTAR Physical Therapy provides world-class clinical training for our clinicians. Each year, STAR clinicians access a Continuing Education Calendar with 12 or more courses. The courses are either single-topic seminars or tract courses that are sequential and allow for exam certification upon completion. Single-topic seminars and certifications vary based on content suggested by our clinicians, including:

As part of the STAR Continuing Education program, clinicians can attend as many continuing education courses as they desire FREE OF CHARGE.

STAR is committed to bringing in renowned presenters from all over the country. Previous continuing education calendars have spotlighted courses taught by Gary Gray, Chris Powell, George Davies, Terry Malone, Mike Voight, Frank Gargano, Shirley Sahrmann, Adriaan Louw, and Kevin Wilk. Additionally, STAR hosts an annual SOS course. A seminar that features Middle Tennessee orthopedic and neurological surgeons. Allowing us to connect and learn from our physician colleagues we are blessed to have in our local communities.

Our featured track curriculum has resulted in more than 30 clinicians achieving independent national and international certifications from Maitland and McKenzie. Both require five to six courses, including didactic coursework and extensive hands-on training.

STAR Physical Therapy – Great Mechanics of the Human Body

STAR has committed, from inception, to be the “clinician’s place to practice” and an employer that promotes and facilitates clinicians to become “great mechanics of the human body”. This commitment is a core value. Our continuing education program continues to evolve to develop new and different pathways that encourage and enable clinicians to be hands-on, comprehensive, and world-class in their patient care delivery.