Good Health 40

The Good Health 40 Program was designed with your continued well-being in mind. Our goal is to get our patients to a level of health and wellness that you may have never achieved in your life. We don’t want to just make you better – we want to make you better than you were even before you got injured. Often, a referral to STAR for Physical Therapy is a life-changing event. However, many patients do not have access to a health club after they are discharged from Physical Therapy and their physical health can begin to deteriorate.

To allow you to continue your healthy lifestyle, we have designed the Good Health 40 program to offer our patients continued access to our clinic or the middle Tennessee YMCA after your discharge from Physical Therapy.

For $40, our discharged patients can choose to continue to use our facility’s exercise equipment independently for a period of one month after discharge. Or our discharged patients can transition to one of 23 middle Tennessee YMCA’s for a special STAR Physical Therapy discounted rate of $40 for one month. Or you can choose to use our facility for one month for $40 and then transition to the middle Tennessee YMCA for one additional month for $40. No joining fee will be charged by the YMCA. Written instructions for continuation of care, injury prevention and wellness will be coordinated with the YMCA’s wellness staff. After the first month, the patient’s may choose to continue their YMCA membership at the increased regular monthly fee or the fee associated with their desired membership category.

Good Health 40 available at the following locations: