Mentorship Program

STAR Physical Therapy Mentorship Program

Welcome to the wonderful world of STAR Physical Therapy! Our foundational mission is “To Serve.” STAR clinicians serve our patients daily with clinical excellence in our outpatient Physical Therapy Clinics. As a company, STAR also serves our clinicians with industry-leading support and education that makes STAR the “Clinicians’ place to practice.”

Our Mentorship Program is designed to help new STAR clinicians grow professionally and have fun doing it. All new STAR clinicians are matched with a local Mentor at the clinic level where they are working. They also have another seasoned clinician serving as a regional mentor. These mentors will help guide and support the new clinician as they settle into patient care at STAR. The clinic Mentor will meet with the new clinician on a regular basis and is available immediately if the new clinician has a question. The regional mentor will be meeting with the clinician at regular monthly intervals to help guide clinical decision-making.

Over the period of a year, “Mentorees” will come together for quarterly Mentorship workshops in their respective regional locations. New clinicians will get acquainted with their peers while also discussing clinical pattern recognition, learning new treatment techniques, and reviewing relevant case studies. Each meeting lasts for 2 hours and covers a variety of topics that deal with operations as well as developing clinical excellence. Master clinicians present interactive hands-on sessions that are immediately applicable to current patient loads. The meetings are non-sequential, so new clinicians may jump in as they come on board with STAR. STAR’s Mentorship Program shows that our dedication to our clinicians matches our clinicians’ dedication to their patients and to the profession.

STAR is a great place to work. Why don’t you join us?