Mt. Juliet (South)


Conveniently located off of I-40 across the street from Providence Market Place, near Providence Medical Center building, our Mt. Juliet South clinic is ready to serve you in Wilson County. We are a moderately paced outpatient clinic, focused on providing quality care to our community. Our staff has extensive training in assessment and treatment of spinal injury, all peripheral joints, as well as selective functional movement assessment.

We provide hands-on, manual techniques, reassess frequently, and adjust treatment daily. In addition to general orthopedic Physical Therapy, we also offer:

We feature a McKenzie Certified Therapist (Cert. MDT). McKenzie trained therapists are able to assess your pain, quickly identify the cause(s) and then treat your symptoms appropriately. In many cases, McKenzie trained therapists can educate you to treat yourself so that you do not become dependent on attending too many physical therapy appointments. Patients that have been treated and educated by McKenzie therapists can also manage their symptoms in the future and may possibly prevent future physical therapy visits.

STAR makes scheduling your physical therapy appointment easy. Simply call our clinic, provide us with your insurance information, let us know what your injury is and we will take care of the rest. STAR accepts most major insurance plans and we will contact your insurance provider(s) to verify your benefits before your initial visit. To learn more about the new patient experience, click here.

Call us or stop by today to see how we can help you. Serving Mt. Juliet since 2006.

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