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STAR Physical Therapy’s Sports Medicine Program Promotes Safety and Maximizes Performance

STAR Physical Therapy’s Sports Medicine Program Promotes Safety and Maximizes Performance

STAR Physical Therapy's Sports Medicine Program Promotes Safety and Maximizes PerformanceWhen STAR Physical Therapy was founded in 1997, providing a world-class Sports Medicine outreach program was one of the building blocks of our company. Today, that mission to provide world-class sports medicine outreach has flourished. From very humble beginnings, STAR Physical Therapy is now blessed to provide Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) in more than 40 high schools, sports facilities, and recreation centers throughout Tennessee.

Having a Certified Athletic Trainer on-site at sporting events is no longer a luxury. Most high schools have some level of  ATC coverage. Those schools that don’t have coverage should pursue a plan to provide ATC coverage for their athletes immediately. It can be the difference between life and death for an athlete.

Recently during a high school football game in Kingston, Tennessee, a sophomore player went down with a fractured neck. Jen Rossi, a STAR Certified Athletic Trainer covering the game, was among the first to respond to the injury. That football player will likely never play football again due to the significance of the injury. However, because of the quick response of the sports medicine team including Jen, the opposing team’s ATC, Dr. John Belitz (who was on site for the game), and the paramedics, this young man appears to have a positive outlook for recovery after having undergone surgery.

To put it simply – the total health and safety of your athletes is our primary concern. Our ATCs provide comprehensive services to help athletes perform safely and at their maximum athletic capability. The previous story shows how crucial the presence of a Certified Athletic Trainer can be. STAR Physical Therapy’s ATCs provide many services to help athletes including:

Concussion management

Dietary advice

Emergency Action Plan development for schools

Heat and weather-related safety

Injury prevention

Injury assessment

Injury management

Onsite strengthening and rehabilitation programs

Physician care coordination

And more…

Communication is a key component of our Sports Medicine program’s growth and success. Our relationships with coaches, parents, athletes, and physicians allow open lines of communication as we work as a team to prevent injuries and to ensure the athlete’s safe return to activity if an injury does occur. Click here for a list of schools and facilities that have chosen STAR Physical Therapy as their official Athletic training and Sports Medicine provider.

To learn more about our Athletic Training outreach program, call us at 615-591-6590 and ask for Wade Barlett.

STAR Physical Therapy – the Sports Medicine partner that you can trust.