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Haiti Mission Reflection from Robyn Hepler

Last week, God opened my eyes to true poverty and oppression when I went to serve in Haiti. The children we worked with and the people we met are starving and have nothing. They sleep in shacks made of tin and sticks on dirt floors. They have no idea where their next meal will come […]

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2017 Haiti_DonnaFairbank_Sweet LarissaWEB

Haiti Mission Reflection from Donna Fairbank

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve “The least of these”.  This trip was very humbling for me, it made me very grateful for what I have and makes me really reevaluate my wants from needs.  I have always had a heart to serve others, but now wonder do I or have I ever […]

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Haiti Mission Trip

Haiti Mission Reflection from Jay Cargile

The experience has been very humbling. I have been blessed by the love and devotion shown by LiveBeyond. I have learned that serving is not just about myself, but following God’s will. Serving is what we are called to do as Christians to be the hands and feet and show the love of Jesus in […]

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Isokinetic testing

Isokinetic Devices for the 21st Century Therapist

Isokinetic Devices for the 21st Century Therapist By Daniel Bodkin, PT, DPT, ATC STAR Physical Therapy, Columbia, TN (North) Isokinetic devices have had their time in the spotlight of the rehab world. Like an actor past his prime, these monstrous machines mostly sit in dark lonely corners collecting dust. Some get used regularly but only […]

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