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STAR Scores 99% Patient Satisfaction!

STAR Scores 99% Patient Satisfaction!

Once again, STAR Physical Therapy is proud to announce that our quarterly patient satisfaction rate has exceeded 99%!

Our mission is to serve our communities with clinical excellence to provide you, the patient, with the best physical therapy care available. The fact that our patient satisfaction routinely exceeds 99% is humbling. It also speaks volumes to the caliber of people that STAR Physical Therapy employs.

We start by hiring great people who are passionate about helping others.  We then provide a world-class continuing education program that features a variety of comprehensive educational courses almost every month.  As a patient, you should feel good knowing that your STAR clinicians have been trained and certified by direct representatives from Maitland, The McKenzie Institute, Mulligan and more.  Having these institutes fly professional educators to Tennessee to train and certify our clinicians is what differentiates STAR Physical Therapy from other providers.

We would like to thank our wonderful employees, patients and physician partners who entrust the care of their patients to STAR Physical Therapy.  We look forward to continuing to serve you!