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STAR Proud to Announce Six Physical Therapists Achieve McKenzie Method Certification

STAR Proud to Announce Six Physical Therapists Achieve McKenzie Method Certification

We are proud to announce 6 STAR clinicians have recently passed the difficult McKenzie Method® certification exam and have joined numerous other STAR Physical Therapists as Cert. MDT (Certified in The McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®). Please join us in congratulating these clinicians for completing the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® tract and furthering their clinical expertise to better care for patients in Tennessee.Cert MDTs
STAR Physical Therapy was founded with the mission of pursuing clinical excellence so that we can serve the communities we are blessed to be part of with world-class care.  Certification is available to our clinicians, through our world-class Continuing Education Program, in a variety of manual therapy tracts – including The McKenzie Method®.  Since our inception in 1997, more STAR Physical Therapy clinicians have earned their certification in The McKenzie Method® than any other organization in the world! 

Receiving care from a Physical Therapist certified in The McKenzie Method® benefits patients in many ways.  It allows us to provide immediate pain relief while saving patients time and money by:

  • Quickly identifying the cause(s) of pain.
  • Establishing an effective, individualized treatment plan.
  • Educating the patient to treat themselves (which can minimize formal Physical Therapy visits and save you valuable time and money).
  • Possessing the knowledge to recommend whether specialist appointments or other expensive medical services (MRI’s, X-ray’s, etc.) are needed.

Congratulations Megan, Tameka, Robin, Katie, Megan, and Peter for joining our other McKenzie Method® certified Physical Therapists:

Adam Knies Conor Smith Gail Cornelissen Megan Wakefield
Alison Jordan Courtney Wilder Heather Large Rachel Cothron
Barret Chapman Dallas Roberts James Gose Ryan Kelly
Bethany Thomas Dan Saylor Jonathan Overbay Sandy Murphy
Bryant Hall Dawn Duck Josh Lowry Sarah Witt
Cara Hataway Dawn Ruiz Kristyn Boyd Shelly Armistead
Casey White Elaine Radley Lauren Tuck Spence Tomlinson
Chris Wolfe Elizabeth Pfeiffer Lisa Swartz Tavis Gibson
Chris Young Erica Elsasser Maggie Samolis


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