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STAR Mission Team Leaving for Haiti

STAR Mission Team Leaving for Haiti

Next month, we send our 2015 STAR Mission Team to provide much needed medical service in Haiti!

On Saturday, February 7, eight members of our STAR Physical Therapy family will board a plane to Haiti and spend a week as part of a special medical mission team associated with Live Beyond.  This team will be serving the very needy in a very under-served part of the world.  We would like to introduce the STAR Mission Team to you today for your well wishes and prayers:

STAR Physical Therapy’s primary mission is to serve well the many patients that we see in our local communities throughout Tennessee.  That is who we are and why we aspire and commit daily to serve well in our communities.  However, the heart, soul, and spirit of the STAR family has allowed us to be a part of a larger global role in serving.

Shanita, Ashley, Heather, Megan, Tina, Karen, Tom and Zach – THANK YOU sincerely for your forthcoming service to the very needy in Haiti. This team represents all of us as they care for those God directs their way.

Live Beyond Website

Thank you for ALL you do every day.