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Show Hope Physical Therapy Update Fall 2019

Show Hope Physical Therapy Update Fall 2019

The following blog update comes to us from physical therapist Michaela Patterson at Maria’s Big House of Hope in China…

Show Hope Physical Therapy Update Fall 2019

The impacts of Physical Therapy are far-reaching and can bee seen daily for the children we are honored to care for. This month we have seen a lot of progress across all of our Care Centers. In Luoyang, we continue to see positive effects of using bean bag chairs for positioning children with Cerebral Palsy. I have also been working on providing resting hand splints for several children using splinting material I received this past spring. I am grateful to have had help from two Occupational Therapists who traveled for a visit with our last team. With their help, we molded splints for a child with significant flexion tone. He is now wearing them daily with good results!

This month I was able to visit both our Nanyang and Jiaozuo Care Centers. I completed continuing education with both Physical Therapy support nannies at the Nanyang Care Center and did some initial training with a newly-hired Physical Therapy support nanny at our Jiaozuo unit. All of the Physical Therapy support nannies are so kind and skilled in the tasks they are given, and it is always a joy to watch the children interact with each of them. I continue to see progress in the children in our care as a result of their daily help. Some highlights from these two Care Centers include the progress of three little boys, all with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. All three are now rolling and sitting independently. One is able to transition to sitting alone and is beginning to creep. Another little girl with spina bifida is now able to climb into her quickie wheelchair with only stand by assist. Finally, a little boy with a diagnosis of hydrocephalus is now rolling, propping on extended arms in prone, and needs only contact guard assist for ring sitting.

Since my visit to both Nanyang and Jiaozuo, I have been working to meet equipment needs noted in both Care Centers. We are working on finding or building toy boxes that will fit in the playrooms in Nanyang, and installing swings in the nurseries in Jiaozuo. New toys were delivered to Jiaozuo as well. Finally, I am still in the process of obtaining enough bean bag chairs to distribute across all our Care Centers and am excited to see the project completed and the children benefiting from improved daily positioning.

Progress continues here as a result of consistent physical therapy intervention. I am honored to be a part of this work and so thankful for all your support in caring for these precious children. They are so worthy and deserving!

Thank you!
Michaela Patterson