Primal 7

pri·mal ˈprī-məl
1) original; basic and powerful
2) first in importance

Primal 7™ is indeed a powerful and important component that can help many patients achieve a full recovery from injury. In fact, use of Primal 7™ in conjunction with our hands-on, individualized physical therapy care has helped many patients gain greater mobility, balance, and strength than they had even before they were injured.

Primal 7™ is a suspension strapping system that supports and unloads patients allowing them to safely perform full and natural movements that couldn't be performed without support.

Primal 7As an example, think of doing a squat. Many people lack the strength to safely perform a proper squat. However, use of Primal 7™ supports patients so they can safely perform squats with proper form which leads to improved strength, flexibility, and function. We also use this system to unweight patients allowing them to perform other strengthening exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and lunges. Typically, patients can not safely perform these natural movements under the full weight of their body. The unweighting of the body enabled by Primal 7™ allows our patients to simultaneously build confidence and strength to return to a fully functional lifestyle.

Get your strength back. Get your balance back. Get your function back. Get Primal 7™ at STAR Physical Therapy!

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