Direct Access

Direct Access (PT Without Physician Prescription)

Did you know that the states of Tennessee and Arkansas allow most consumers to be treated by a qualified physical therapist without a prescription from a physician?  It is called Direct Access, and STAR Physical Therapy has several convenient locations that offer this service.

The Most Qualified Physical Therapists

When you choose to receive physical therapy without a physician's prescription, it is crucial that you choose the most qualified physical therapy provider.  The state of Tennessee sets certain minimum requirements that determine a physical therapist's eligibility to treat Direct Access patients.  At STAR, we require our physical therapists to complete more than the required state minimum training to ensure that you are receiving industry-leading care from the most qualified physical therapists in the region.  To be eligible to treat Direct Access patients, STAR's physical therapists are required to:

  • Complete a board-approved differential diagnosis continuing education course AND
  • Complete a  specially designed STAR Physical Therapy Direct Access course
  • Achieve a degree and experience below:
    • Masters or Doctorate with 1 year of clinical experience OR
    • Bachelors degree with 3 years of clinical experience OR
    • Completed a residency or clinical fellowship at a board-approved program

We can assure you that our Direct Access physical therapists have an abundance of knowledge and experience to ensure that you receive the best care available.

Honest and Trustworthy

Please know that your well being is our primary concern at STAR Physical Therapy.  As your trusted and expert physical therapy provider, we will always do what is best for you.  After your initial physical therapy evaluation, your physical therapist will recommend the appropriate plan of care for you.  Your plan may include continued physical therapy, simple behavior modifications, rest, a recommendation that you see a physician for further testing, or a combination of these options.  The point is this - we will not waste your time or money if physical therapy is not your best option for a full and quick recovery.

Physician Partners

STAR Physical Therapy has wonderful relationships with numerous physicians in and around your community.  We have been a trusted physical therapy partner of physicians since 1997.  If you choose to receive physical therapy via Direct Access, we will communicate appropriately with your physician at your discretion.  If you are new to the area or you do not have a physician and need one, we will be happy to help facilitate a referral to a doctor for you.

Rest assured that you are in the very best hands when you choose STAR Physical Therapy!

Direct Access available at the following locations: