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Patient Satisfaction Exceeds 99% Again

Patient Satisfaction Exceeds 99% Again

STAR Physical Therapy, a world-class provider of outpatient physical therapy care in Tennessee, is proud to announce that 99.79% of our 4th quarter patients reported that STAR met or exceeded their expectations.

We invite every patient to provide anonymous patient satisfaction feedback regarding their experience at STAR.  Patients grade us on a variety of fronts including ease of scheduling, customer service, quality of care, knowledge of their physical therapist, etc.  In every single category, over 99% of our patients said we met or exceeded their expectations.  Perhaps the greatest indicator of patient satisfaction is that 99.87% of our patients would recommend that a family member use STAR Physical Therapy if they need physical therapy in the future.

What makes STAR Physical Therapy’s care special?  It’s really a combination of several different factors.  We start by hiring wonderful people who have a servant’s heart to care for their community.  We then provide a local, world-class continuing education program that features renowned instructors that we bring in from all over the world.  Our clinicians are trained and certified in a variety of manual therapy techniques and other therapeutic philosophies because not all patients respond to one specific treatment model. This ensures that the clinicians at STAR Physical Therapy are prepared to provide you with an individualized treatment plan that will not just get you better – it will get you better fast.

We identify the source of your pain, provide skilled care in the clinic, and educate you so you can be discharged quickly with the knowledge to stay healthy in the future. Your time and healthcare dollars are extremely valuable and we won’t waste either one. This is why our clinicians are known as Great Mechanics of the Human Body ™ .

Thank you to all of our patients and physician partners who entrust us to provide their physical therapy care.  And, of course, thank you to all of our staff and clinicians that serve your communities daily.  Remember – your healthcare is your choice.

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