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Haiti Mission Trip Reflection – Beth Pulley

Haiti Mission Trip Reflection – Beth Pulley

How do you begin to put into a few words one of the most exciting and humbling experiences of your life. The realization that you are in one of the most impoverished places on earth begins to hit you the moment you leave the airport!

With #LiveBeyond I was able to minister to the poorest of the poor and, along with the STAR Team, “give a cup of water in the Master’s name”. I had the privilege of working in maternal health, the clinic lab, and the day camp for children (Ke Pou Timoun). In maternal health we performed dopplers and measurements to determine how far along the women were in their pregnancy. The lack of joy on their faces was overwhelming. You see, most women are abused and left to care for their children alone so the thought that they had yet another mouth to feed with no help from the father did not bring them joy. Our goal was to keep them as healthy as possible and give them food during the pregnancy.

The brightest part of the week was seeing the beautiful children who came daily to the #LiveBeyond camp, Ke Pou Timoun. The kids were taught about Jesus, given hot meals, lots and lots of love and hugs, and generally a safe place just to get relief from what they faced at home. The living conditions we witnessed on community visits cannot be put into words so to give the children some love and care if for only for a few hours a day was a true blessing.

It was such a privilege to work along side the beautiful women from STAR!!! We will forever be bound together by this experience in a way that only we can know. I want to thank STAR for the opportunity and privilege of serving on this mission trip. My heart and life has been forever changed!!!

In His Love,