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Eight STAR Therapists Earn Prestigious McKenzie Method Certification

Eight STAR Therapists Earn Prestigious McKenzie Method Certification

We are very proud to announce that eight STAR physical therapists have recently passed the McKenzie Method certification exam and are now McKenzie Certified Therapists (Cert. MDT)!  Congratulations to Cara Nash, Kristyn Boyd, Josh Lowry, Rachel Cothron, Bethany Thomas, Alan Bunger, Tavis Gibson, and Josh Harris.

The McKenzie Method of MDT is a therapeutic assessment approach that is appropriate for all musculoskeletal problems, including neck, back and extremity pain (shoulder, knee, etc.).   The McKenzie Method of MDT was developed by world-renowned expert Robin McKenzie in the 1950’s.  It is both a manual and exercise based approach that encompasses injury assessment, diagnosis and treatment without the use of expensive diagnostic imaging. One benefit of the McKenzie Method of MDT is that the physical therapists provide self-care education to their patients so they can control their symptoms independently in the future.  This can lead to fewer formal physical therapy visits saving patients a significant amount of time and money!

Earning their Cert. MDT was not an easy process.  STAR brings world-renowned educators from the McKenzie Institute to Nashville to provide the education to our clinicians locally.  Our physical therapists must successfully complete five rigorous educational courses totaling more than 125 hours of lecture and hands-on practice.  After successful completion of the five courses, each physical therapist must sit for a day long written and practical certification exam.  The reward for earning their certification is to be in a greater position to serve their patients, communities, and our physician partners as “Great mechanics of the human body”.

Congratulations to the clinicians who have completed this journey.  You are the reason that STAR Physical Therapy provides world-class care!