Star Physical Therapy

Sports Performance Training

All athletes share a common goal – to improve performance in order to become the best athlete possible. Our Sports Performance Training can turn your goals into reality.

Our Sports Performance Training program helps individual athletes improve their performance by building upon their athletic potential.  Our individualized, focused training improves speed, agility, power, explosiveness and coordination to help you perform at your maximum capability.  We do not train large groups, teams or classes.  Our program consists of small groups and one-on-one training which ensures you will receive individualized attention for the entire session.

Our team of licensed physical therapists, athletic trainers, and coaches will train beginning and experienced athletes from all sports.  Each athlete will have their individual needs assessed and personal goals will be established.  Throughout the program, the athlete’s progress will be tracked and improvement will be documented.

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Sports Performance Training available at: Clarksville (North)