Pine Plains Platter

Current Openings

At STAR, we are only as good as our current employees...and our next hire. We are always looking for great people to join our family & would love to hear from you!



  • Physical Therapist/Director – Madison/Inglewood, TN
  • Physical Therapist/Director – Ripley, TN
  • Physical Therapist – Director for Workers’ Comp. Complex, Nashville, TN

Staff Physical Therapists Full Time

Staff Physical Therapists Part Time & PRN

  • Physical Therapist PRN – Nashville, TN
  • Physical Therapist PRN – Springfield, TN

Staff Occupational Therapists Part Time & PRN

Certified Athletic Trainers Full Time

  • Certified Athletic Trainer – Middle Tennessee
  • Certified Athletic Trainer – Roane County, TN

Staff Physical Therapists-International Full Time



Accounts Receivable Full Time


  • Accounts Payable – Cool Springs, TN
  • Accounts Receivable – Cool Springs, TN

Front Desk Full Time

Front Desk Part Time & PRN



Front Desk/Technicians Part Time & PRN

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